“Wendy’s Holistic Traveling Massage”  formerly Riverside Day Spa & Wellness Serving Elizabeth City area! 


VOTED BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST! ''Healing Bodies with Hands & Heart" 2019--34 Years of Service!


We have changed our name to “Wendy’s Holistic Traveling Massage”, “Wendy’s Massage” for short! We are offering house and business calls for the same price as our menu. Our prices have been dropped by $10.00 each service, 8 Jan 2019 to allow you the experience of divine relaxation with a seasoned therapist!!!! Imagine a $60.00 an hour massage!!!! Call us today to see why were were voted #1! Join our monthly newsletter and see how you can earn a FREE Massage! ;O) 


Welcome to northeastern North Carolina! We are a holistic based massage, spa and wellness traveling service that offers gentle relaxation and well-being services to restore your body and mind! We have been here for 34 years. We know that you will enjoy your "Oasis of Serenity" experience with us!

Our Mission Statement is to make your life a better, more relaxed and balanced world filled with love, gentleness and a true feeling of connectedness to your inner beautiful self--thereby sharing that peace with others.

We have chosen therapies that are multi-national, some are five thousand years old, to help restore this natural God-given peace within you. WE ARE THE ONLY ONES IN THIS AREA TO OFFER SUCH A COMBINATION OF DAY SPA AND WELLNESS PACKAGES, FOR WE BELIEVE THAT THEY GO HAND-IN-HAND. We are also the longest practicing bodywork establishment in northeastern North Carolina! We are on the cutting edge of day spas in the world in recognizing this natural blend of therapies! We have offered in the past - alternative therapies such as--Shirodhara, colonics, hot stones, the "M Technique" massage by Dr. Jane Buckle, Raindrop Therapy, Aromapro's "Essential Oil Synergy" program, holistic nail care, couples massage, hair analysis, LPG Endermologie, ozone steam cabinet, dry skin brush, herbal-mud-seaweed wraps, tuning forks and we hit every craft show in the area with our 100 hand-made natural product lines! We have offered many CEU classes for health professionals from Healing Touch to Clinical Aromatherapy with Jeanne Rose; yoga and meditation, two cancer support groups, the Arthritis Foundation class; to Drumming to 8 weeks Raw Foods and Juicing Classes; dream work, women empowerment classes, classes for children in how to make simple bath products, herbs and aromatherapy!
Discover why I was choosen the  #1 massage therapist in Elizabeth City--
Thank you all for voting for me. Thank you also for the referrals from the doctors, the physical therapists, the chiropractors and our pain-management doctors. Many massage therapists, as well, have enjoyed my touch. I have loved every minute with every client throughout my years. Thank you for making this such a wonderful profession for me.

Experienced, compassionate hands for massage, massage facials, Healing Touch, Foot Reflexology, private Meditation Lessons, Ionic Foot Baths, Juice Coaching, personalized aromatherapy "Signature Scents" from our AROMATHERAPY BLENDING BAR and Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy Consultations. We come to you. After 28 years of renting from three landlords and having the buildings sold from under us, it was time to go mobile. The whole city knows me and respects my work. It will probably be hard to get a same day service, so please plan ahead. We are available Monday through Sunday day-light hours. Gather your spouse, your girlfriends or your family together for a day of pampering.
TO BUY A GIFT CERTIFICATE: Call us and order by phone, or email me at Wendy-lightkeeperswellness@earthlink.net and we can snail-mail, e-mail or fax out the certificate.
2019 Professional Spa Policy

We respect that you are a very important person, and we value your time. Therefore, we promise to be on time for your services and provide the quality service that we have been giving for over 34 years.
All certificates must be used within the two month expiration. This is plenty of time to honor the gift that was given to you. Women tend to procrastinate--putting others before themselves, so this was written especially for them! ;O) This quick turnaround is working!
 We ask for a 48 hour cancellation, if you are going to cancel, so others may come in.
We prefer cash or a check. After offering "free credit card" service for 15 years we recently excluded this service to keep our low prices. We are bringing back the "old-fashioned" honor system. So if you are calling out of state or out of the country--plan ahead by sending us a check!
We try to answer the cell phone during normal business hours from 9-5 on weekdays and on Saturday's & Sunday's. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.
We also have a Smart Phone to check messages more often; and, "texting" ability.  
Same day service is not always possible, so call ahead to set your appt! 
REFUNDS: There will be no refunds for products or services.  
"Wendy's Holistic Traveling Massage"
189 Neck Road, Turtle Point
Shiloh, North Carolina 27974 USA

Business cell phone (252) 267-4719
 We have Texting available.


 Saturday & Sunday daylight hours only.  All by appointment.
Wendy and John Corcoran, "The Lightkeepers"
Provided by N.C. Massage and Bodywork Therapists
L. Wendy Corcoran, LMBT, NC License #632; Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practioner #4023/a 

And, thank you Dr. Jason Jones, DC of Optimum Wellness and Rehab for your kind comment:
"My wife and I love Wendy. Her massages are awesome. She cares deeply about you as a person. She has tons of experience and knowledge about health, healing and nutrition."
Suzanne Downar tagged you in a post on Face Book: "A FB shout out to Wendy Leyes Corcoran; Holistic Massage Therapist. Wendy is great at what she does and has been a blessing to me and has helped me with my knee problems and arthritic feet for years! Treat yourself to a massage with Wendy; you deserve it! Or, give someone the gift of a massage. I highly recommend Wendy without reservation!" "Wendy, you are so very good at what you do and you truly put your whole heart and your whole self into it!" Thank you, Suzanne
This and The Main Street Salon and Spa [now closed] are AWESOME! – I alernate between Riverside Spa and The Main Street Salon and Spa (beside Muddy Waters) every few weeks, I love them! I had terrible experience's at ... and ... with Massage Therapists who had no idea what they were doing. It is refreshing to know that others actually know what they are doing and take time making sure that their clients are happy and get the service they need!" Camille W. 2012
"I got a gift certificate to this cute Day Spa when I was pregnant from a friend. I had so much fun being pampered and living it up! I had a facial and a body wrap and I felt so good afterwords. It is in a good location and is well know in the city. The staff was very helpful and understanding and it was truly one of the best presents I got when I was pregnant. The prices were not that bad compared to some of the others offered around here." Kimberly H. 2005
Feb 2015

"Wendy, I need you to know that I sincerely appreciate how you have been such a positive force in my life for so many years. You are a special lady and a true blessing.
I love you and look forward to gleaning much more from you.

Thank you for your caring heart." K. O.
And, so, these same wonderful services are now coming to your homes! Your Wellness Spa on wheels!
"Wendy is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She makes the whole massage experience amazing. She has a kind soft voice and the perfect touch. I would and always recommend anyone I know to see her for any massage or spiritual need. Now that she travels to you it makes it that much easier because you don't have to leave your house!" Winter P. 
Barry thanks you……..says you have wonderful healing hands……………... " I did "Healing Touch" on his lungs that had surgery for asbestos. He felt the area heat up and then cool.
October 2017 Client comment: 
" I have been a long time client and friend of Wendy. She is simply the best! Ever since she started her traveling service I book her once a month. She makes it conenvient and works around my schedule. I no longer have the excuse - ' I no longer have time to go into the city" (I live in the boonies) - she comes to me. It's "me" time. I always look forward to her visits. Especially the way I feel after her visits. Rejuvenated! Wendy always knows which areas need the most attention. I always feel 100% better afterwards. By the way, I have a high-stress job, and several health issues including lupus. So relaxation and stress relief is a must. Wendy customizes her massages toward my needs. I don't know what I would do without her help." Kim C.