VOTED BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST! ''Healing Bodies with Hands & Heart" 2019--34 Years of Service!




An introduction to touch. Clothes on, sitting forward in a specially designed chair, the back and neck are lightly massaged—feels wonderful.
20 Minute Chair Massage--$40.00

For relaxation, sports injuries, pain management, wedding packages for the nervous bride, full bridal party, tired moms, birthdays, anniversaries, “just because you are beautiful,” pregnant mommies, and retirement. Massage is excellent for fibromyalgia, stress, cancer, and more. Massage is good almost any time, for any reason! Come discover touch for yourself. Your choice of 12 custom-blend oils. Makes wonderful gifts for loved ones or colleagues and is everybody’s favorite!
60 Minute Massage--$60.00
90 MINUTE MASSAGE: A very slowed-down version of the above. This can be an enjoyable “timeless” experience—where time just seems to slow down and become suspended, unending, and dream-like. A perfect relaxation experience of the light touch massage connoisseur. Professionals always choose this time slot. Or, for the deep touch massage client it gives the therapist more time to work on old, strained muscle injuries.
90 Minute Massage--$90.00

About 1975 in rural Wisconsin Becky and Michael ‘flopped’ me (Wendy) on their farm house living room floor one Friday evening. They said that I was “too stressed and needed a massage”! That one event changed my life! I was hooked. I tutored with Becky at the local Y.M.C.A. doing massages with her—a four-handed massage! (Long before I ever knew that ancient Ayruvedic massage has a treatment such as this; it is considered a premium experience.) Only one state had required licensing back in 1926, in Ohio. Other states trickled along mostly after the 1940’s, when the first massage association started--AMTA. Back in the sixties and seventies it was the “hippies movement”. The touch movement was rediscovered. Massage came of age! However, most states got on the “band wagon” in the nineties. North Carolina ‘turtled to the front’ in the late nineties--took them seven years to chisel out state requirements.

Meanwhile, I was so impressed on how good one could feel by massage, that I started reading books, and having different types of massage while I lived overseas in: Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and in India. While living in Washington, D.C. I took several massage classes, and then finally becoming certified in Virginia Beach in 1988. We became state licensed in 2000.

Almost thirty years later I have evolved as a “touch junkie”! I have as much passion for massage today as I did nearly 30 years ago! I have studied many different styles of touch through the years from the more technical such as cranial-sacral and sports massage, to the lighter Ayruvedic massage, or even lighter still, the energetic type touches. Read under “Spa Services” my culmination as a 'touch healer'—“SACRED JOURNEY”.