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A foot therapy designed in China 5,000 years ago. It was introduced in the West in 1913 by an American doctor, William Fitzgerald. He divided the body into ten zones which extend from the toes up through the body and down into the hands. Reflexologists apply pressure to certain parts of the feet to release blockages in the body. Nurses/health professionals in the U.S. are now training in reflexology to enhance their practice.  Wendy has trained with a foremost American instructor-Juliebeth Mezzy, to enhance her skills.

Foot Reflexology, 60 Minutes--$60.00

There are over 1,035 references to Biblical applications of essential oils. Fourteen of these are considered the 'Principle Oils of Ancient Scripture'. We anoint the body in strategic places to help lift your soul to a higher realm. We use a 4% dilution, some GC/MS essential oils.
As an add-on: $30.00 (Includes the bottle)

Seven sacred healing traditions may be used to restore the clients body/mind connection. Wendy has been healing bodies with her hands and heart for twenty-eight years. She has found that she has special abilities, with the aide of God, to help heal her clients on a deeper, more profound and lasting level that goes beyond a basic massage.

Combining several traditional native and shamanistic practices from many cultures they has discovered a method that allows their clients to heal from the inside to the outside. "Soul Retrieval" looks at personal issues from a different perspective.

Wendy places her hands on the client and “reads” as a ‘medical intuitive’. She is able to ‘see’ stagnant areas of energy, as she scans the body both internally and externally. Sacred chants may be said out loud or silently to start shifting these areas. The use of sound or of music is so important in all of our cultures, and may be used in these sessions. Native American smudge sticks may be lit, and ‘waved’ ceremoniously around the body, or the room, or an object that a client has.

Colored stones that have been cleansed in moon-lit sea salt may be placed around or on the body, along with healing magnets to facilitate a deeper energetic transition. Wendy has studied ‘Clinical Aromatherapy’—essential oils are the use of healing flowers and plants. She will blend very body-specific oils and “anoint” the body in strategic places. Wendy will lay her healing hands on specific areas to help ‘soften these stagnant areas’. Sometimes she might massage one area. ‘Tuning Fork Therapy’,  and ‘Healing Touch’, may also be used.

Clients love the heat and energy that comes from her hands, the individualized love and compassion, and most importantly the profound peace that they haven't felt in years! Something special always happens in these sacred sessions!

Suggested seasonally. 60 Minutes--$115.00
Please note: this is not a medical or diagnostic session. We do not claim to diagnose or heal medical issues; rather we work on an energetic, etheric level. A spiritual level, if you will.

May 2007 A client came in for a Sacred Journey.  Here is what she wrote: 

     "Thank you so much for helping me with my Sacred Journey.  I wrote down all of the images that came to me, as you suggested.  And, I continue to journal powerful images and thoughts. The special essential oil blend that you made for me smells wonderful, and it takes me right back to your purple room and remembering the special events that happened in there.  I am still feeling energized (three weeks later), and the pressure on my throat is completely gone!  Sunday, when I went to church, several people commented how clear and improved my voice was in speaking and in singing in the choir!  I feel very balanced, reconnected, and positive once again.  Thank you for opening and clearing my centers. I feel as is I have found a "sister" with you.  You are very special to me. Love, Jane C."

After I did Healing Touch and the Tuning Forks on Jane there was a definite shift in her body.  I believe that that was when God came through and helped to open her voice up.  Jane is a special person, whom I believe is on her way to become a Healer, her self!  Later she painted a picture for me with an angel and a banner that says--"The Healer of the Harbour", and presented this picture to me.  I had tears in my eyes, and I know that this heartfelt picture will stay with me the rest of my life.  Thank you God, and Thank you Jane.

Jan 2014 I recently had a family of three travel from Charlotte, NC to spend an afternnoon with me-each having the Sacred Journey. It was a very special time for all of us! I was honored to be able to offer some insight for their life's journey's. Thank you for traveling this distance. I am humbled by your kindness and compliments, and your offer to come there for several days to offer the same.