VOTED BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST! ''Healing Bodies with Hands & Heart" 2019--34 Years of Service!


Wendy's Holistic Traveling Massage"
189 Neck Rd., Turtle Point Shiloh, NC 27974
Business Cel (252) 267-2719
60 Minute Foot Reflexology in a specially designed chair--$60.00
60 Minute Massage--$60.00
90 Minute Massage--$90.00

Aromatherapy Wellness Massage and Clinical Customized Oil Blend--$115.00
“Sacred Journey”—for your soul! -- $115.00
Couples, families & girlfriends encouraged! J
ADD-ONS for yourself or anyone else at home:
20 Minute Chair Massage (neck and back)-$40.00.
Ionic Foot Bath--$40.00
“Healing Touch”--$40.00
Innersounds Tuning Fork Therapy-$40.00
Drum Healing -$40.00
Hands on Raw Vegi Juicing--$30.00
“Healing Oils of the Bible”--$30.00

NEW 30 Minute Meditation…..$30.00

(Or, a $60.00 minimum--any combination of the add-on's would work, too.)
I COME TO YOU! Monday - Sunday during day light hours!We will e-mail, fax or snail mail Gift Certificates, or I will meet you at Muddy's Coffee house!
Two month expirations on certificates—to get you in right away! J 
Extra gas distances if you are more than a two hour round trip travel distance for me. Just ask -$10.00+.
Cash or check only.
No refunds on products or services. New prices reduced 8 Jan 2019!!!
"Healing Bodies with Compassionate Hands & Heart over 30 years!"
Voted Best Massage Therapist!
L. Wendy Corcoran, LMBT, NC License #632
Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practioneer #4023/A  
I am remaining open to travel distance and times within the day. I have started as early as 9 in the morning and ended at 7:30 at night—as long as there is day light. I have had to add a small extra gas fee for folks that are more than one hour round trip travel distance from my home, as my gas just increased 4x’s this month! So if you have family or friends to share that fee with, that will help your charge. (Just one extra gas fee per household.) I want this divine service to be extra special for you. So far, everyone who has graciously allowed me into their personal homes has loved this service of my coming to them. One just has to book ahead, since trying to get a same day service will be next to impossible since I am filling up and I am on the road headed to someone else’s house. I am trying to also keep clients grouped to areas of the city within the week. I cannot do as many clients in a day, so I enjoy doing quality, time-less experiences.
If you are a smoker please use a an air purifier, since I have difficulty with cigarette smoke! If you don’t have one, ask me and I will bring mine.
I try to answer the cell phone during normal business hours from 9-5 on weekdays and 9-12 on Saturday's.  Please leave your full name, your phone number and what I can help you with.
Both John and Wendy are sincerely committed to bringing holistic health approaches and products for your Health and Well-Being. They have researched over 100 product lines that have no synthetic chemicals or very little chemicals, enough for bacterial control. With over 75,000 chemicals introduced since the nineteen-fifties, over half have not been approved by the FDA or EPA. 80% of all cancers are environmentally or lifestyle caused! Think about that! We do have a choice in each and every product we use! “Our health depends on each little change we make towards wellness!” In this era of multi-tasking and “wearing many hats” we need to slow down and create personal time whether it’s a simple soak in the bathtub, or turning off the telephone and listening to a relaxation CD with your eyes shut, or purposefully sitting in a quiet spot meditating, or creating little Mindful Rituals like “anointing the body with oils”, walking, or breathing deeply.

The products that we offer help to align you with the Divine Being that you are, they gently nudge you back to your core, to find that ‘sanctuary’ once again with in you so you may unfold and become “you” again.

Several years ago I went to my cabin in the woods and meditated on essential oil blends that I might make to restore the sacredness of every person who would come in and use these blends. These were the names and blends that "were spoken to me". Then I tweaked them with my holistic aromatherapist mentor. These scents are specifically for you to lift you up in wholeness and in spirit!

Choose from our hand-blended scents:
Our house blend of the week.

Red Rock Sunsets--Think Native American southwest Shaman's. Begin your "inward vision quest"! Sage, cedar and sweetgrass essential oils.

Bali Shores--
Envision exotic beaches, and warm waters swirling around your languid body. Oils infused with jasmine sambac, frangipani, lotus, and touches of clove, ginger and lemongrass.

Caribbean Paradise--
Tropical shrubs to hide in, waterfalls to surrender and let go. "Key Lime" essential oil scents--lime, petitgrain, bergamot, Bay St. Thomas, sweet orange, and benzoin. Delicious!

Himalayan Vista's--
Hike through Katmandu in Nepal. "Growl at tigers" on the path, twirl Tibetan Prayers Wheels, while chanting your mantra. Lotus, sandalwood, ginger, patchouli and nutmeg essential oils seal this divine experience!

Restored Wise Woman--
A "healing feast" of flowers to restore your soul to wholeness! Rose, jasmine sambac, lavender Bulgaria, roman chamomile and neroli. The most expensive blend of oils--only the best for you, because you deserve it!

Wendy's Celestial Lion Blend--
I meditated on this blend over 18 years ago and everyone loves this sacred blend. This scent will lift your spirits! Cedarwood, lavender, lotus, rose, sandalwood, violet and ylang-ylang.

Single Notes:
Spearmint, lavender bulgaria, fir/juniper/cedar (very grounding), sandalwood/vanilla/patchouli (very 60's--and a spa favorite for men and women!), or an unscented lotion or oil. We have hundreds of essential oils. Just ask! If you have "sensitive skin" ask us for our ingrediant list.

Wendy finished her 15 month program for becoming a "Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Practioner"!

These documents are provided for entertainment and for information only and should not be considered medical advice.

Wendy Corcoran, a licensed Massage Therapist with 28 years experience, a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, NAHA Level 1, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Day Spa Technician, Certified LPG Technician, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Tuning Forks practioner, Certified Raindrop Technique practioneer, 48 years of studying and teaching Yoga and Meditation around the world, at the spa and the hospital, brought the Arthritis Foundation to town, the Cancer Support group, also a Vegetarian Dinner Group and an Organics Co-op, Steered five Art Committees for the Pasquotank Arts Council, and held a Three Woman Show featuring over 30 close-up pastels of flowers, much like Georgia O'Keefe. Hosted four Healing Touch classes at the college and at home, Jeanne Rose Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist, Rev. PhD. George Malkumus of Hallelujah Acres for raw foods, two international drumming classes with Dr. Michael Harner's-- The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Dr. Ann Wigmore's Living Raw Foods 8 Week Workshop, and 4 Week Juicing Organics classes, and many, many more classes to awaken our sleeping spirits here in town. Members of the "Flower Essences Society", National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists (NAHA), & Chamber of Commerce. Growing in Health and Well-Being WITH you, Wellness Coordinator, Co-director. L. Wendy Corcoran, LMBT, NC License #632. Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, #4023a

John Corcoran, over 40 years of Teaching Special Education, developed a Group Home for United Cerebral Palsy and maintained for twenty years, Certified LPG Technician, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Tuning Forks practioner, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, NAHA Level 1 Certified, our spa Wellness Coach, Wellness Partner, Co-director.